The Fifth Annual 10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open


The 10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open is part of the World Series of Wakesurfing - the biggest organized wakesurfing circuit ever.  

The Boat: 2015 sponsorships available!


The 10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open is one of the biggest and baddest wakesurf competitions out there.  As part of the World Series of Wakesurfing, riders of all levels have a great time and compete for cash prizes, swag, and a chance to ride in the World Wakesurf Championship.


Date: August, 2015


Event Site: Minneapolis, Minnesota - The Mississippi River (site of the 2010 World Wakesurf Championship)


Event Site Address: 1501 W. River Road, Minneapolis Minnesota 55411


Hotel Accommodations: 2015 Sponsorships available!


Hotel Address: N/A




Juniors:  The little shredders get to ride too!


Masters: 40+ surf godfathers (and mothers) welcome.


Amateur: Riders can ride without the rope, slaysh carve, and occasionally land tricks like the 360 and shuvit.


Outlaw: Semi-professional division.  Riders can spin 360's, shuvits, and some of the tricks performed by the pros.


Professional: If you are the top-dog in your wakesurf pack, ride against the best guys and ladies in the world.  Past professionals to ride in the 10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open include: Sean Cummings, Keenan Flegel, Bri Chmel, Rebecca Ort, Dom Lagace, Raleigh Hager, Brian Baker, James Walker, Jackie Fort, Stacia Bank, Trevor Grindland, Mitch Rudd, and Ashley Kidd.


Mike Jost, Minnesota, "Super fun event, super fun people, super sick gnarly surfing!" 


James Walker, California, "The 10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open is a great event that is fun for all ages."


Bri Chmel, California, "I had a great time at the event and met some amazing people! The water was flat and buttery!"


Nick, Spectator, "It was awesome to see wakesurfing for the first time - at all levels.  I won some free swag and had a blast!"

Judging: We use the most current set of rules provided by the

CWSA (Competitive Wakesurf Association).

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